Press Coverage

Fred Camper, writing for the Chicago Reader:
"Cynthia Large's Saint Christina the Astonishing at Ann Nathan (C126) depicts Christina perched in a church interior, painted in egg tempera and oil with a van Eyck-like precision that reflects Large's two years of study in Europe and a year and a half of labor with layers of glazes. A miniature book stored in a compartment built into the rear of the frame tells the story of this 12th-century saint in Large's elegant calligraphy. In contrast to many other younger artists, whose work is often constructed more theatrically and typically references mass culture, the small volume has the private devotional quality of an illuminated manuscript"
---Fred Camper, excerpt from "On Exhibit: first glimpses of Art Chicago 2003, the Chicago Reader, Friday May 9, 2003, Volume 32, Number 32