Scherenschnitte -- Christmas 2007 (Luke 2:18)




Several years ago I started making scherenschnitte pieces for my family for Christmas. At first these were simply cut out of drawing paper, and mounted directly to the dark wood panels above the fireplace. Two years ago I started making them more elaborate, with wooden frames, and candle-holders built into the frames so that they could be lit and placed around the house. Last year I settled on a simplified frame of 5 x 5 inches, and set out to do a limited edition piece that could be made more widely available. This first nativity, from Christmas of 2007, was inspired by 19th century English magic-lantern pictures. It illustrates the Bible verse Luke 2:18

This 5 x 5 inch lantern is a limited edition of twenty.  All of the materials used are archival, with acid-free parchment, and each piece is signed and numbered.  The price is $250.00.  Please email me for ordering information, and please allow four weeks for delivery within the United States.