Scherenschnitte -- Our Lady of Guadalupe




In 1531, the Virgin Mary appeared to a grieving widower called Juan Diego.  She spoke to him in his native Nahuatl language, and delivered a message of tenderness and comfort that is still heard around the world.  In his own time, Juan Diego was at first dismissed by the local bishop when he tried to tell what he had seen.  On a subsequent visitation, Mary gave him a sign so that he would be believed.  In the presence of the bishop, he opened his cloak and spilled flowers to the ground; imprinted on his garment was the painting that now resides in Mexico city.  My husband's Hungarian grandmother was particularly devoted to the Mother of the Americas, and I originally created this lantern for her.

This 5 x 7 inch lantern is a limited edition of twenty.  All of the materials used are archival, with acid-free parchment, and each piece is signed and numbered.  The price is $275.00.  Please email me for ordering information, and please allow four weeks for delivery within the United States.